Crush Self-Doubt and Unleash a Super-Confident You!

11 Kick-Ass, actionable steps guaranteed to boost your confidence!

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What is Life Coaching for Less than a Latte?

A series of powerful, action-packed workbooks written by Certified Life-Coaches at Life Coach Library
In this edition, our coaches have offered some of their most impactful suggestions proven to bust through the blockages that sap self-esteem and self-confidence! 
These practical yet potent tasks will help you take on the world with more energy and determination, increase your happiness, boost your health, improve your professional performance, and ease your social life.   

Crush Self-Doubt and Unleash Self-Confidence is a SHORTCUT to a better version of you!

Confidence isn’t developed magically but here are some useful ways to start turning “I can’t” into “I can” right now! 
6 months from now you’ll be glad you started today! 

You will dream bigger dreams and know a new happiness because you’ll stop doing things you don’t want to and pursue what you truly desire!

You’ll be ready to take chances and find the love you crave! Confidence doesn’t mean you’ll get the girl or guy you seek, but you won’t be ruled by fear!

You’ll have greater influence in your professional life through better communication skills. You’ll gain respect from your colleagues.

What are people saying about Crush Self Doubt and Unleash Confidence?

“Changed my Life”

This book may seem simple at first glance but when really applying these activities in daily life, they will change your life. I have always had a lot of self-doubts and struggled with self-esteem. I frequently use the activity on changing limited thinking and everyone I know is noticing and commenting that I am much more positive and upbeat. My other “go-to” is making an effort to feel and show gratitude. It always gives me a lift and makes my day feel brighter.

“What I needed to get started…”

The world is full of advice on boosting confidence, but this doesn’t just tell you how to think, it has you do some of the work and helps you understand why it is helpful. Having that knowledge helped me to see that it wasn’t just crap, there was some real logic to it.
I’m not saying this is the last workbook you’ll ever need, but it definitely will get you started in the right direction and is totally worth it!

“Quality book without a lot of hype”

I hate it when books are oversold and promise miracles. This one does not and clearly states that there is no magical cure and that what I put into it is exactly what I’ll get out of it. I tried it because it wasn’t expensive and figured I had nothing to lose. It has given me a lot of new perspective and “tools” to break out of my old ways, which usually were very defeating.

“Learned a lot”

Some books are overwhelming for me, so I picked this one up because it looked manageable and was cheap. For the price, I learned a lot and it is very manageable to do when I have time. I do some of the assignments repeatedly but didn’t like a couple of them. Still a good workbook though.


I’m the kind of person who always buys books but never really finishes them. I love this book because it was not expensive, had really strong suggestions in it, and I was able to do all of them. That alone made me feel a bit more confident. I go back and use a lot of them because every time I do it, it feels like a different experience. I did find it helpful and I feel better.

“Nice Workbook”

This workbook is very down to earth and fun to use. It contains a bunch of great actions to take to help you see yourself in a better light and do things that you want to but are too afraid of. I wish it were a little longer but for the price it’s good.

“A good way to pick yourself up”

I read self-help book all of the time and some are definitely better than others. This workbook has some suggestions I have not heard before and explains others that I have but thought were silly. I think there is something here for everyone even though you may not like all of the advice. Just take what you can use and it will definitely be worth your time and effort.

“A good workbook with useful strategies”

I’d really give this 3.5 stars if I could. The content is good and its helpful but there should be more of it and some of it didn’t really apply to me. Overall it is decent content and I did find a couple of them extremely helpful.

You can start to change your life for less than what you’d spend on a Latte!

There are thousands of books on confidence that are triple, even quadruple the cost of this one. They promise to offer some magic formula that will produce miracles. The truth is there is NO MIRACLE cure for confidence. Confidence is a HABIT. You have everything you need to be super self-assured right now, you only need to practice CONFIDENT HABITS to nurture what already exists inside of you!

Life Coaching for Less than a Latte is a tool book! 

For less than what you’d spend at a trendy coffee shop on something that 10 minutes later means nothing, this workbook is designed to give you real skills that develop your confidence muscle, starting NOW!

What you will Find Inside:

11 KICK ASS exercises that will change your perspective on yourself and your world.  When you feel great about you, the world will treat you better!   Confident people lead fuller lives, earn more money, go further in their careers, and live out more of their dreams.   THIS CAN BE YOU! 

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Do you have unstoppable motivation? 
Do you overthink everything?  
Do you take risks that bring you closer to your goals? 
Do you often feel “invisible” or passed over for opportunity? 
Do you take care of yourself and put your best foot forward?  

If you’re not happy with your answers to these questions it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are willing to give your best effort with these exercises, you will soon be on your way to happy, purposeful, and useful living!